Sundial believes in health, happiness and personal well-being. Our cannabis is carefully cultivated for modern consumers—people looking for a natural alternative that fits today's active, healthy lifestyles.

Anyone can grow some weed, but Top Leaf isn't "anyone," and we don't grow "some" weed. Top Leaf was founded by cannabis enthusiasts under a simple guiding principle: "What do we want to smoke?" The answer is easy. We want the best. We want rich, full-bodied cannabis with complex terpene profiles, solid THC potency and that little something special that makes you say "Wow" the first time you take a puff.
Palmetto is “Handy Cannabis” for people looking for quality and consistency in convenient forms, including pre-rolls or disposable vape pens. Our products are ready-made for experienced consumers that know what they like―good cannabis, good to go.
Grasslands doesn’t muck around with talk of strains and cannabinoids and terpenes. Instead, we provide simple, affordable options for cost-conscious consumers―people who want a quality product at a fair price. Available Canada-wide in three varieties, Grasslands offers a no-fuss alternative in a crowded and sometimes overwhelming landscape.
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