Sundial Values

Sundial is proud to embody four values that are the guiding principles for how we conduct business, treat each other and make decisions.

We love our people

Walking through our doors every day, Sundialers feel safe, emotionally and physically. We care about each other’s well-being and we treat each other with dignity and respect, while leveraging our diversity. We have each other's backs. If we see something, we say something. As soon as we identify a situation that has the potential to harm Sundialers, we fix it.

We love our plants

Quality is at the core of everything we do at Sundial. We are passionate about our plants and are driving to produce trusted, safe and innovative products. We work together to meet our quality standards without compromise.

We love to grow

Success isn’t about who’s the biggest; it’s about who is the fastest to learn. We are committed to being better every day by owning and investing in our learning. Sundialers are humble, gritty and driven. We acknowledge all wins, big and small. We celebrate teams and colleagues who have the courage to take calculated risks, are agile and learn from their experiences. We maintain a process of constant conversation so we can keep on improving.

We grow together

We build trusted partnerships based on mutual accountability. We don’t hide from problems. We face issues head-on and have open dialogue, working together to achieve extraordinary results. Our word matters. We care about the commitments we make to ourselves and each other, and we deliver on our promises. We know others are relying on us. With dedication, respectful communication and abiding trust, we support each other.

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